Netflix: X-Life/ Is it power that easy?

I was watching the Netflix Anthology ‘Pitta Kathalu’ and the episode X-Life seems really interesting. A brief plot, “Tech genius builds a VR world which is like Elysium, but the governments around the world are using it to stave off any social unrest. Spoiler: Shruti Hassan become a Honey Trap and destroys the machines”. For a Telugu Director, tackling the subject of a dystopian future is old yet new (Cue: Aditya 369), but the concept felt a bit ‘modern’ like something you’d see in a Bond movie where the Evil villain (except he’s smart here). Pulling back from going on a tangent, the movie ends with him taking Shruti Hasan to the core of this X-Life. And throughout the episode, allusions are made to smartphones being the V1.0 to this X-Life, but unlike X-Life, today’s internet doesn’t have a central node which will destroy the illusion. Facebook invested in Oculus but they have also invested in data center management; Google’s algorithms don’t reside in a single disk, infact the cloud which the Big-3 run, ensure that if you pay enough the system has multiple backups, spread across many areas. A focused attack like the one in X-Life (or even like I-Robot) works if the power/intelligence is in one place, but what if the power is spread out ? How does one fight the enemy if they’re spread out like the mosquitos, or Coronavirus or worse, the internet?

Also interesting was the use of archetypes to craft the damsel-in-distress concept for selling Biscuits for his friend. This makes me feel anyone who can combine Jung archetypes with Data Analytics will be the new power-maker. Or have they become one already ? (Looking at you Google)